Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Magistrates... verdict!

Mark Brandon, from emerging Essex Band, The Magistrates, lends a hand...

The day in pictures... (3)

This event was also widely publicised for the community to get involved. The goal was to widen our outreach and include volunteers from other faiths, as well as from the immediate surrounding area. Anne (from St. Michael's parish in Braintree) commented, "Thank you so much for letting me join in. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and you made me feel so welcome. I think is it great all this work you are doing for MY community. I am sorry I could not stay all day... but have really enjoyed my hour with you all."

It was commented by all who had never seen a Helping Hands Day in action, just how many youth and children were happy to get involved... paint brushes at the ready. It is unusual to see kids of all ages working alongside their mums or dads, aunts, friends, neighbours... and strangers.

The day in pictures... MEDIA COVERAGE

Local papers sent photographers. Shauna (from the Braintree & Witham Times) as well as Paul (from the Essex Chronicle) took a series of pictures which we hope will make this week's news. The project really highlights the MASSIVE improvements that can occur when loads (hundreds!!) of people all set about to make a difference in just ONE day...

Whether it is painting, sewing, rendering, cutting, mowing, pruning, digging, sanding, building or just taking round cold drinks (which were well needed in the blazing Essex sun!!) the tasks undertaken today created a vibrant buzz around a Hospital that was threatened with closure. With a little (well... actually A LOT) of graft; restoring tired facades and crumbling exteriors gave the whole place a feeling of vitality.

The staff nurses I spoke to on the ward (which kept functioning "business as usual") said, "This has been marvelous. It has been so lovely to see all the changes. The outside really needed a facelift, and what you have done here has made a huge difference."

The day in pictures... (1)

Projects included: Making curtains, cushions, story sacks for a local school; painting a murial on the wall in the Occupational Therapy room; Rendering and renovating the out buildings - painting, sanding etc; Creating outdoor chairs and tables; Clearing the massive overgrown areas and landscaping for use; Creating a path; Creating raised beds; Replanting overgrown rockeries; Clearing the enterance gardens... (just for starters!!)