Tuesday, 12 May 2009

2009 Project Shout Out!

As per our rather detailed *site map* we have a massive range of "roll your sleeves up" projects on the go for our 2009 Helping Hands Day (make a note in your diaries!)

If you can volunteer your skill, time and supplies on any of these projects, please get in touch... We never say no to help from children and adults of all ages - and can find the perfect project to set your helping hands to! Whether sewing, demolishing (sounds fun) or building, painting or gardening. WE NEED YOU to make our 2009 project the best yet!

Work includes... removing old fencing and trees; creating a new path; relocating a gate; tidying the back hedge; creating a Pond; trimming trees; clearing brambles; demolishing a low wall; clearing moss; repairing and painting Garage A as well as Garage B; demolishing more walls; trimming laurel bushes; removing corrugated shelter; creating new disabled bays; renovating fench drain; painting external windows on main building; painting window bars on main building; renovating electrical cupboard; creating new picnic tables; making curtains; gardening; building Bird and Bat boxes; conservation work on Galleywood Common; and creating Story bags for up to 5 years old for the Children's day centre...

Want to get involved? Email us today!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Helping Hands 2009... Project Announcement!


Project 2009: Galleywood is steeped in history with many historical features still existing today. One such example is the now disused depot on the Common; part of the old racecourse northern grandstand. Galleywood Common was the scene of the Chelmsford Races for 176 years (1759 -1935). The racecourse was one of the oldest in England and the principal racecourse in Essex.

Other notable historical features are:

  • Visible remains of the Napoleonic Defences built in 1803.
  • Brick works dating from the early 1800’s.
  • A windmill, first mentioned in 1777, which until the 1920’s stood in the grounds of Mill House on the Common.

Proposed Heritage Centre...

The Heritage Centre is planned around the main building comprising of a main hall, three side rooms, kitchen and grounds. It will be made available for exhibitions of both historical and natural heritage interest, with facilities for research and continued learning. There will be provision for the much needed storage of historical artifacts and archives, and also for use as a meeting place for local organisations.

It will also cater for those with more active interests, such as walking groups, kite flyers, cyclists, and for a range of other community activities.

The Common was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 1993. It is envisaged that the Centre will provide the opportunity for parishioners to continue to learn more about local flora and fauna of the Common and the surrounding areas.

Galleywood Parish Council’s earlier application for lottery funding was unsuccessful, but the Galleywood Heritage Committee comprising of six Councillors and advisers, have spent the last six months preparing a revised plan to help fund the capital work from Parish Council reserves, with the help of volunteers’ time and in kind contributions.

Follow our progress online... or come and join in this historic community project!