Thursday, 9 October 2008

Handy Helpers in Tendring...

Whilst Helping Hands is a ONE DAY bonanza... the people behind the event also like to help locally where and when needed...

"For some time the local residents of Elmstead market have had to struggle along the overgrown footpath that connects two half’s of the village, the footpath is also a well used route for young school children and parents to get to the local primary school. With stinging nettles both sides almost meeting in the middle, it was felt by the Tendring Branch council that the unit would clear the path, as the local council authority will not take any responsibility for its upkeep.

10am Saturday morning we gathered, about 30+ attended from a unit that has only 45 members, armed with spades, forks and plastic sacks we set about clearing the path. The clearing line was led by the Nigel Rolton, and the Local Church 'Branch President' (aka Pastor) Jason Watling, using petrol driven hedge cutters and strimmers, quickly cut down/back most of the weeds etc. The rest of the members followed behind bagging, digging and pruning/weeding back what was left. Over the years the earth either side of the path had covered the sides reducing the path width by half, this was scraped back.

The whole project only took 2 hours, and it was back to the Branch Presidents home for a BBQ and refreshments. The local residents commented and what a great job had been done, and where very grateful to all that were involved in the clearing project."

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